Tina Roeder (b. 1975, Germany) graduated from Central Saint Martins in
London and went on to earn her Master’s degree from the Design Academy
Eindhoven under Droog in 2004. Upon training with Studio Job in Antwerp,
she started her own studio in 2007. She lives and works in Berlin.

Interview: ‘Authentic Self‘

Selected Exhibitions


Eternithaus, Conceptual Substance II, Berlin 28–30 April 2023 (G/C)
Gallery FUMI, Handmade, London 29 Oct. 2022 – 11 Feb. 2023 (G)
Gallery FUMI, Together – The Power of Collaboration, 16 Sep. – 12 Nov. 2021 (G/C)
Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Offrir des Fleurs, Paris, February – March 2021 (G)
Gallery FUMI, 2020: It’s Good To Be Home, London 17 Sep. – 27 Jan. 2021 (G)
Gallery FUMI, Chance Encounters, London 1 Nov. 2019 – 31 Jan. 2020 (G)
Gallery FUMI, Winter Group Exhibition, London 27 Nov. 2018 – 26 Feb. 2019 (G)
Triennale di Milano, The Shapes of Water, QA, KW, SA, JO 10/2018-10/2019 (G)
Analograum, 5th Showroom Edition, Berlin 03/-23/12/2019 (G)
Studio, Playground & Building Site, Berlin 14 – 16 September 2018 (S/C)
Aptm, Deutsch. Was ist das?, Berlin-Wedding 26/01/-31/07/2018 (G)
Vitra Design Museum, Monobloc – A Chair for the World, 16/03/-18/06/17
Chamber NYC, Collection #3 Just What Is It, Matylda Krzykowski, 10/-12/2016 (G)
Allegro School, Bauhaus/ Allegro Frieze, Berlin, since 05/2016 (S)
State of Design, Something From Nothing, Berlin 4 – 8 May 2016 (G/C)
Studio, Stuck Inside of Mobile, Berlin 11 – 13 September 2015 (S)


Jochum Rodgers, 2014BERLIN1109, Berlin 12 Sep. – 18 Oct. 2014 (G)
Helmrinderknecht, Zurich 27 September – 3 November 2013 (G)
Andreas Murkudis, Cabinet de Curiosités, Berlin 22/11/12 – 19/01/13 (G/C)
Gallery FUMI, Sardinia 15 June – 15 September 2012 (G)
Depot Basel, Craft & Scenography, Matylda Krzykowski, 11/06/-11/07/2012 (G/C)
Gallery FUMI, PAD Paris 28 March – 1 April 2012 (G)
National Museum of China, First Beijing Design Triennial, 09/-10/2011 (G)
Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Di Vaso In Fiore, Milan 2011 (G/C)
Salone Del Mobile, Achille Is Watching Us, Matylda Krzykowski, 2011 (G/C)
Gallery FUMI & FENDI, London 09/-11/2010 (G)
Gallery FUMI, Porto Cervo, Sardinia 05/-09/2010 (G)
Helmrinderknecht, Vases Vs Vases, Berlin 11/2009 – 01/2010 (G)
Museum der Dinge, Böse Dinge, Berlin 07/2009 – 01/2010 (G)
Parabol, Kein Bedarf An Nichts, Berlin 09/2009 (G)
Appel Design Gallery, Conceptual Substance, Berlin 06/2009 (G)
Salone Del Mobile, Goods, Face Value, Milan 2009 (G)
Appel Design Gallery, White Billion Chairs, Berlin, March 2009 (S/C)
Museum Marta Herford, Nullpunkt, Herford 02/-04/2009 (G/C)
Temporäre Kunsthalle, Create Berlin, Berlin, January 2009 (G)


London Design Festival, Create Berlin, London 2008 (G)
Lodz Design Festival, Lodz, Poland 2008 (G)
Berlin Design Festival/ DMY, Berlin, 2006-2009 yearly (G/C)
Salone Satellite, Independent Furniture, Milan 2007
Design Academy, 60 Years Family of Form, Eindhoven 2007 (G/C)
Tokyo Designers Week, Tokyo 2007
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven 2007
Inside Design Amsterdam, Amsterdam 2007
London Design Festival, Handled with Care, London 2007
Galerie E105, Japan/ Viele Kapitäne, Bonn 2007 (G/C)
Salone Del Mobile, Design Academy Eindhoven, Milan 2007 (G)
Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, Talents, Frankfurt 2007 (G/C)
Salone Del Mobile, Ahrend, Behind The Scene, Milan 2006 (G/C)
Galerie Lachaert, Picnic For Two, Tielrode, Belgium 2005 (G)
Droog Design, Master Pieces, Amsterdam 2004 (G)
Design Bienal De Lisboa, Bright Minds Beautiful Ideas, Lisbon 2003 (G/C)

S – Solo Exhibitions | G – Group Exhibitions | C – Catalogue


Conceptual Substance, Soho House, Berlin 14.9.2020
Design/Art, NTCRI, Nantou, Taiwan 5.6.2019
Studio Talk, Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe 18.6.2014
Design/Art in Berlin, Hoogeschool Ghent, Belgium 30.3.2010
Was Wir Könnten…, Designtransfer (UdK), Berlin 10.12.2009

Nullpunkt? at Marta Museum, Herford 24.3.2009
Structures/Facades, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin 4.1.2009


From Travel Journals to Visual Diaries, NTCRI, Nantou, Taiwan, 5.6.2019
Allegro School Frieze, Allegro Grundschule Berlin, Klasse 5A, 29.2.–18.4.2016
Trust+Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, MA students, Berlin, 8.9.2014
Was Wir Könnten, Wenn Wir Dürften, Wie Wir Wollten, UdK, Berlin, 4.-8.1.2009
Conceptual Design, Burg Griebichenstein, Kunsthochschule Halle, 16.-20.2.2009
Playful Portfolio, Lodz Design Festival, Lodz Art Center, 17.10.2008


Conceptual Substance II, Eternithaus (Hansaviertel), Berlin 28.-30.4.2023
Conceptual Substance I, Appel Design Gallery, Berlin 3.-27.6.2009


DEAR Magazin, Zeitgemässes Design will Inklusivität, Germany, October 2019
DEAR Magazin, California Modernism in L.A., Germany, July 2019
Manifesto, p. 81-86, Piet Hein Eek – Scrap From Scratch, China, April 2013 *

* / co-author Katharina Horstmann /